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Introducing the Florence

For the devoted Rant customers, you may recognise the shape. The delightfully flattering 'Florence' is now part of our 'Epidermal Layers' and available online now.

Cut in both a top and tunic length, the 'Florence' has a wonderful flared shape that drapes out from under the bust to a semi circle and floats around the body. It really showcases the drape of our sustainable bamboo jersey and we have produced the two lengths in an array of colours. This includes our light blue 'sky' colour and deeper blue we call 'steel' that have been introduced for 'Blue Skies Ahead'.

It's a nice start to the new look of the 'Epidermal Layers' store, having been busy photographing and uploading over the last week.

The Florence is a great piece as it can be layered with other 'Epidermal Layers' to give a nice effect also.

Happy ranting - Jason


Jewel of the Empire

The 3rd story of the 'Blue Skies Ahead' collection has shipped out to Rant stockists this week.

With a name like 'Jewel of the Empire' you would expect vibrant, rich colours and our stockroom has come alive. The ruby colour in particular has been heavily requested even before hitting stores. Along with ruby, the 'Balance tunic' is offered in silver, thistle and charcoal colours, and is the ultimate show of viscose drape.

Featuring the Drape and Flow of rayons, the 'Levitate' dress and 'Triumph' pant styles from earlier stories are now available in a new rayon fabric. The 100% rayon has been prewashed here at Rant and available in a deep blue we call 'petrel' as well as the staple black and charcoal.

Another new style is the 'Affinity top', featured in both the coloured viscose and prewashed rayon. A cute top you can gently gather the neckline with the soft cotton tape to suit your fit.

And for those wanting to add more texture, the 'Prosper top' is made of a rayon lace with viscose side panels. A great addition to your 'Balance tunic'.

Enjoy your Rant garments!



Drape and Flow

Q: How do I to wear draped and flowing styles that are in the collection this season?

A: Styles using light and flowing fabrics work best when they have a base layer to ‘underpin’ the outfit. What is meant by this is that you might have a Greta slip from the Epidermal Layers range as your ‘base’ layer, and then a floating tunic on top. This allows for great movement of the top layer while knowing you are covered and discreet with the Bamboo slip.

The season also plays a huge factor in what and how to wear draped or floating garments. In summer, you will probably be more comfortable wearing shorter sleeves or no sleeves. Also the 'Epidermal layers' come in different lengths depending on how much leg you like to show. We offer the Greta style in a slip length (knee length) or a dress length (mid calf length). Also there are pant and skirt options.

In winter, you will need multiple layers for added warmth. So simply add an Ali long sleeved top, tunic or dress with Benita leggings. This means your purchase of a Silk or Viscose Rant tunic or dress is a great investment as you can wear it all year round.

To me, the rayon and viscose fabrics are really important to our range, as they give the suppleness of the synthetic fabrics, while actually being a completely natural fabric. Rayon ,viscose , cupro and tencel are cellulose-based fabrics. It can provide luxury and drape and still allow your skin to breath.

So heading into summer, my suggestions for that gorgeous, flowy look are the 'Floating tunics and dresses 'in many silk prints , also my fav style that i wear all the time is the 'Balance tunic' . I am wearing the 'sunshine 7/8 pants' and 'Ali 3/4 sleeve top ' under the 'Balance tunic' today as it is still cooler weather.

One other thing I should point out is that layering makes washing easier. The base layers are the easy to launder garments. Our bamboo 'epidermal layers' are able to be put onto a gentle machine cycle and then put on a padded hanger to dry in the shade. Then  . .  NO ironing ! The top Silk or Rayon tunics and dresses are not worn next to the skin, therefore they do not need as frequent washing. They can be worn many times, only needing washing occasionally.

Once you start playing with layers, you will find that it is an easy way to dress and not as complicated as you may have thought.  

 - Sarah


We’ve Got Your Back

Why should the front of the garment get all the attention and the back be overlooked?

While not a conscious design decision to make the backs of our garments interesting, it’s often the functional features we build in, such as ties and gathering, that deliver an unexpected ‘surprise’ to the outfit.

An interesting back detail also takes away from any ‘problem’ areas at the front of the body that we might want to draw attention away from.

Here’s some of our favourite backs!

Our 'Floating' & 'Cloud' tunics have ties to wear front or back and small piece of textured black rayon at the centre back to add further detail. The 'Floating' tunic also has adjustable metal sliders for a perfect fit.

The striking red 'Balance' tunic layers nicely with the black textured rayon 'Prosper' top.

Naturally all outfits start with one of our Epidermal Layers. From left to right there is the Obsidian dress (charcoal bamboo), Greta singlet (black bamboo), Greta slip (black bamboo) & Greta dress (black bamboo)

Look out for the 'Floating' 'Balance' and 'Prosper' in stockists during October (more info on 'Jewel of the Empire' to come... stay tuned!)


Unveil Your Summer Look in Cocoon

Rant’s Cocoon Jacket from the Blue Skies Ahead collection is a signature, show-stopping piece this summer.

Made from double-layered cotton, the jacket comes in either midnight blue lined with black or vice versa. Designer Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky designed Cocoon as a unique garment that could be worn in a variety of ways to suit the style, climate and vibe of the season.

Wear the Cocoon in a floatier, loose style by leaving the silk cotton ties loose; or for a more 'avant garde' look, tie the silk cotton ties together and bunch the jacket on one side. We have put together some pics showing how to knot and bunch the ties on the left.

Rant is known for achieving fashionable styles that embody comfort and this jacket features a stretchy cotton yoke at the back – so it actually stretches with you!

Sarah highly recommends this jacket if you are travelling. It is great to wear on the plane and can then fold up in your bag. It has been pre-washed and does not need ironing (bonus!) - just put on a hanger to dry.

Stockists to check out include: Enzo & Toto (Byron Bay NSW), Green Tangerine (Paddington QLD), Elevated (Darwin NT), Verve (Melbourne VIC), Origen (South Melbourne VIC), Pink Inc (Braddon ACT), & Jute (Lane Cove NSW).


Hot in Stores this Week.... The Blue Skies story from Rant

As the name suggests, the Blue Skies story from Rant is all about fabulous floaty garments and features blue tones throughout.  The rolling summer collection signifies a sense of optimism ahead. 

The story brings together all of Rant’s tried and tested fabrics, such as bamboo jersey, double layer cotton and silk blends – all perfect summer-weather textiles. In particular, watch out for the specially dyed bamboo jersey in steel blue and sky blue – signature colours of the Blue Skies story. They also are made in selected styles in our 'Epidermal Layers' as well as the Radiant dress from the Rant collection.

We've also developed several styles in double layer cotton throughout the Blue Skies collection. Double layer cotton construction allows the garments to be light to wear without being transparent.


Alice in Wonderland:

Also in cotton is the Alice slip (left pic) and top. These styles have lovely back details with double ties so you can adjust the garment to fit your style and mood. Alice also has metal strap adjusters making it a style that can easily be customised to fit most body shapes.



Magical Days Ahead:

Soak up those gorgeous, floaty summer days in the Levitate dress. With considered construction, Levitate has a cotton double layer skirt paired with a cotton spandex top that is actually joined to the skirt. True to the Rant ethos of working double time, it can be worn over the bust as a dress or folded down on the hips as a skirt. (right pic)









Botany Pant Lives Again:

The last featured double cotton style is a trusted fav of Rant customers.....The Botany Pant. What makes Botany so special is the easy, elastic-waist, pull on pant that has a wider 3/4 leg length incorporating a hem panel with a split at the side. (shown here in black)




Check back for more blogs also this week to show the other styles in our latest range – the must have styles to make dressing easier & more comfortable!