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Introducing... The Cassava

The Cassava dress is one of the standout new styles for the 'Harvest' collection. 

Our 'Rococco' rayon fabric is spliced with colours in the same rayon or with a printed silk cotton in a choice of colour. A light layering piece, it's transeasonal, so nice for the coming months but a style that you can wear now also.

What to wear with the Cassava ?

Have one of our dress styles from the 'Epidermal Layers', brilliant, simply slip the Cassava on over this. Try an Obsidian dress for example, as shown in the far right picture above. A Greta dress would be great too (see our slips & dresses section for more ideas). Those who prefer separates, put on your Eva tee with a pair of Sunshine 7/8 pants. Another option is the Eva dress. It will give you the look of the dress layer but have sleeves all in the one garment.

Sketch by Melinda FelderColour options ?

In keeping with this months 'Aubergine' story, the Cassava dress is featured in 'thistle' and spliced with soft tones of silver and a dark charcoal we call 'pitch'. Two silver versions have a choice of the stunning printed silk cotton panel in blue (middle) or wine (right). The blue version is complimented with our ink bamboo, while the wine will work for those liking the charcoal in our sustainable bamboo jersey. Of course black will look stunning, and we do have an all black Cassava dress available that we have not shown here (contact us for further info).

Caring for my Cassava ?

Another nice thing about this style is that they have all been prewashed for you in our harvested rainwater. Getting some big eco points here !

The major reason for doing this though is customers know what size it will be the first time you wash it. By prewashing it in cold water the style is at its smallest size already, and if you avoid steam and use a dry iron, it will maintain a consistent size.

Where to buy ?

Best Rant stockists to find the Cassava include Origen at South Melbourne VIC, Elevated in Darwin NT, Green Tangerine at Paddington QLD and later this month at Pink on White Walls in Graceville QLD. New stockists to check out are La Baba in Main Beach QLD, Bella Cee at West End QLD and Anita L at Kew East VIC.

Need any help ?

Use our contact form on the blog or website or give us a call. We are always happy to help.

- Jason


Rant studio update...

January is traditionally a busy time for us here at Rant.

As I type, Sarah is down in Melbourne doing showings, while Mel and I are working on production for the new Autumn collection that will be out at the start of February.

I picked up the first of the new collection from our sewers last week, including new stock for the most popular styles from our Epidermal Layers range, such as the Thea skirt.

It's now time to get all those styles checked, tagged and then divide the orders for our stockists.

The new collection is called 'Harvest', which may not come as a surprise to people who have seen the Rant Tumblr page in recent months. We started some raised garden beds soon after photographing the 'Harvest' collection and been posting some pics of the vegetables we have been harvesting from them (yes we like to immerse ourselves fully in each collection's theme !). All the pictures for this story are from our garden.

Heirloom silverbeet and 'Fairytale' eggplants

Epic harvest of chilli

We will post more detail on 'Harvest' here on our blog soon, with the new collection divided into three stories, one for each month from February to April.

The current collection page for the Rant website will get a makeover for 'Harvest' too. If you haven't already, then you will be the first to know when the new collection goes live by signing up to our monthly newsletter here...

Last (but certainly not least) we would like to round out the start to 2012 with a big thankyou to our customers. A few of you in particular have been putting in a good word for us at your favourite local boutiques, as we have been contacted by potential new stockists as a result. This is very much appreciated and a nice demonstration of people power. So keep the comments about Rant here on our blog and to your favourite boutiques going, as it certainly is having an effect.

- Jason


Introducing the Halo

The blog seems the perfect place to continue our introductions for each piece from the new 'Collaborate' jewellery range...


Made from upcycled pieces of our Australian milled superfine cotton, the fabric strips in the 'Halo' necklace are each stretched to curl and become tubular to be then threaded with semi-precious stones. With the fabric so light at 60gsm (most cotton jerseys are at least double this weight) it makes the 'Halo' not only look great but not weigh you down at all. The 'Collaborate' jewellery designer Sharon has been wearing Rant herself for several years now, so understands the comfort factor for our clothing really well which has been translated into her designs.

Sarah, Melinda and Sharon have been having fun with the Halo and thought people could wear it with the longer strands at the front also (just slide those hematite beads around). The pictures at top show the white Halo worn these different ways.

Questions, suggestions, comments? It is always nice to hear from people so don't hesitate to contact us through our blog or the main Rant website.

- Jason


Introducing the Met


The Met is a stunning piece from the new 'Collaborate' jewellery range designed by Sharon McCarthy.

Its name is from the word 'metamorphic' (the changing form of rocks), with the necklace strings of lava rock, hematite and labradorite.

The lava rock has amazing texture along with the smoothness of the hematite and a little bit of sparkle from the labradorite (also known as black moonstone). The colourings all match perfectly with your new and existing Rant garments and is easily adjusted by re-knotting the cotton herringbone tape. 

The Met comes in a short or long version and finished by decorating with small pieces of upcycled fabrics, adding further textural interest.

View The Met and other pieces from the 'Collaborate' jewellery range in the Sustainable Fashion store here...

Wear with a white Greta tunic and black Quirk shrug from the 'Bestowed' range (top picture).


Fabric wraps... a how to guide

Our fabric wraps were really where the Rant story begun. After some lovely emails from customers recently enquiring about previous wrap styles, we thought the blog was a good place to post our instructions on how to tie them.

They are a real statement piece, adding colour and texture to any outfit, particularly good at dressing up the basic bamboo jersey pieces from the 'Epidermal Layers'. Wear simply over our OBSIDIAN dress, or with an EVA tee or GRETA singlet combined with one of our super comfortable pant styles, such as the Botany.

Feeling a bit more adventurous... try wearing your wrap a different way...

Interested in keep up to date with new fabric wraps being released, then subscribe to our newsletter here...

Enjoy : )



A creative collaboration

In the spirit of supporting local talent, we have been working with a local jewellery designer on a new jewellery range which will be launched early next week.

Under the label 'Collaborate', its creator Sharon McCarthy has crafted a beautiful range of lightweight easy wear jewellery pieces. Each piece is individually made by Sharon from upcycled fabrics, semi-precious stones, metal and other found objects. The first pieces use the Australian milled superfine cotton featured in the 'Bestowed' range, so will match perfectly with all your new and existing Rant garments.

Be the first to know about our launch special by signing up to the Rant Newsletter here...