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Earth Hour event at Port Douglas

Earth Hour is coming up this Saturday... a nice way to unite people together in a show of support for sustainability.

For those not familiar with Earth Hour, on 8:30pm at Saturday 31st March, we all switch our lights off for 1 hour. A small step in the right direction which gets more and more people thinking about their energy useage.

Starting in Sydney in 2007, it has become a world wide event.

Rant is very pleased to be supporting an event at the Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas. Along with Moet Hennessey, the Earth Hour event will also be a fundraiser for the Australian Rainforest Foundation (ARF). The ARF is a charity we have supported for a couple of years now, with 5% of our sales donated each year.

If you are in Port Douglas this weekend, you will be able to see a small range of Rant Clothing garments being modelled at the Sheraton, with a $300 gift voucher donated for the door prize also.

Visit the Rant Tumblr page to see the new Earth Hour video


Enter 'earthhour2012' when making payment in our online store and receive FREE shipping until the end of this weekend.

($12 discount applied for worldwide shipping also)

Support EARTH HOUR, RANT & ARF all at once!


Introducing... the Emelie

This week at Rant has seen us preparing the latest styles for the online store, and one of the most requested styles while doing this, has been the 'Emelie' twist top.

The lightness and viscose content of the fabrics Sarah has chosen means it functions well as a garment that you can wear a few different ways. It drapes nicely to sit as a flattering top layer, adding interest to a basic top.

The beautiful wool viscose blend has a lovely texture (always hard to translate in pictures alone) as well as being nice and light. The sheer wool viscose is available in a range of colours; including black, olive, silver and blue. The Italian tie dyed viscose jersey is also lovely and sheer, with each garment having its own unique pattern from the variation in the dyeing method used. The free form panels of black blend through to a dark navy then through to the cream base.

We've shown two ways to wear the 'Emelie' twist top below in a short animation Mel has put together...

The first one is the simplest way, where the scarf piece is taken, crossed over, and then looped over your head. Position the draping sections at the front to sit comfortably. For some arm coverage pull the section sitting on your shoulders down slightly over your arms.

An alternate way of wearing the 'Emelie' is to loop the front section over your head (without crossing over). Sit the scarf piece behind your neck and then let it drape down around your shoulders.

Visit one of our stockists or jump through to the Sustainable Fashion for your favourite version. 


Heirloom story

The next delivery from our 'Harvest' collection is on its way to our stockists all around Australia.

'Heirloom' are traditional varieties of fruits and vegetables, and gives us our name of the new story, with highlight reds, greens and textures in printed silks and a tie dyed viscose jersey reminiscent of these Old World plants.

There is a great story behind the 'Heirloom' vegetables we used in the cover photo, as one of the lovely people from the Northey St Markets collected these for us when we were preparing the selling book. The different varieties of organic tomatoes and the purple carrots tasted great too! See the vegatable Romanesco for yourself, it has most amazing shapes and we think it tastes like a nice combination of broccoli and cauliflower (lightly steamed with some butter!).

Back to the beautiful clothing; the key pieces for this story are the 'Emelie' twist top, 'Lorelei' crop cardi, 'Takara' double skirt and the 'Cedar' pant.

The 'Takara' double skirt is shown in the centre image (all black) and the 'Lorelei' crop cardi shown in the three images on the left (black, charcoal and moss available).

We'll be doing an individual blog on the 'Emelie' twist top very soon, as it is a versatile piece you can wear a few different ways.

Visit the current collection page here... to see more images from the 'Heirloom' story.

And stay tuned... lots of new things happening here at the Rant studio.

- Jay


Behind the scenes at Rant

It seems that with any business, particularly in design, a product is an expression of the people and environment behind the scenes. While we have been operating since 2003, it has been away from the spotlight of mainstream fashion. We have noticed that with a heightened interest in sustainable fashion, comes an increased interest in who we are and what we do.

You can write a great blurb about your business, and all the sustainable things we do around our office, though when you look at it what people are really asking is what and who is at the centre of Rant.

We have a small team at Rant, lead by the designer Sarah, who does have a New Zealand heritage though has spent most of her working life in Australia. Taking time off to raise her son mid-career, also gave her a grounded view on the world, and is definitely reflected in the wearability of each Rant design.

Between Melinda and myself, along with Sarah, the three of us work with a variety of other home businesses around Brisbane to produce world class quality designer clothing all within a 30km radius of one another. From design to patterns, cutting and sewing, each person enjoys being at home for their families, something we think is also more sustainable than having to travel and work in a warehouse or factory every day.

Mel busy at work, Sarah working hard & behind the scenes at a recent photoshoot with Kate and Mel

It is something we probably take for granted, but with Melinda's help, from our home base we operate a studio for design, sampling and administration, as well as a stockroom where we check, tag and dispatch all our garments. Our newly renovated upstairs area even doubled as a photography studio recently (picture on the far right). While this inventive use of space sometimes come from necessity, the basis of it now thinking about it, is probably to demonstrate that we all can actually do a lot more with what we already have around us.

Our other efforts at demonstrating sustainable business practices such as recycling, donating to local charities (ARF & WPSQ), the use of 100% greenpower, use of recycled kraft for shipping our clothes etc. are important, but sustainability really is much more than even the sum of these things and has to come from a place of authenticity.

Stevia growing in the herb garden, visitors to the studio & another garden picture

...sustainability really is much more than even the sum of these things and has to come from a place of authenticity.

Being able to work at home, we are also lucky in being able to look after our garden easily. Growing our own vegetables and herbs, harvesting our own water and composting all organic waste in a tumbler or wormfarm. These are personal passions for Sarah and myself and for obvious reasons spill over into the operation of our business. The herb garden provides a lovely ritual for sampling different herbal teas at morning tea time, and we also get regular visits from the King Parrots being close to a National Park.

So we hope this provides a little glimpse into the world of Rant. The level of detail that goes into producing our clothing carries through into our genuine belief in the benefits for both economy and environment, by working towards more sustainable business practices. Products produced with care and designed to last past a single season, requires a slight shift in thinking for some people, though excitingly we are already witnessing these changes.

Enjoyed reading ? Please let us know and contact us on the blog or our main website... we do always reply... well leave a contact number just in case you make an error typing your email address.

- Jason

PS Check out my recent article on Eco Fashion at Urban Times here..


Introducing... the Rococco pant

Sketch by Melinda FelderNamed after the rayon fabric used as the semi-sheer trim (also in many of our wraps), the 'Rococco pant' is a new version of our famous 'Flourish Pant' (well famous to our regular customers!). The soft cotton jersey band is super comfortable, able to be bunched or folded to sit where it feels most comfortable to you.

Now part of our 'Core Range' the base fabric is a soft stretch cotton with a sateen finish that is specially made for Rant as it performs so well and we have each batch tested. This main fabric is heavy enough to survive many washes and retain its shape, though light enough to wear all year round in Brisbane. Like all the styles coming in for the 'Aubergine' story, it is transeasonal, as the reality is when new autumn stock is arriving in stores we are still in summer.

The 'thistle' colourway shown in the outfit to the left, is available now in stockists. There is also a 'silver' colour shown below, in addition to the essential all black version. A dark charcoal we call 'storm' will be available very soon...

Questions, comments ? Just ask... we are always happy to advise of the closest stockist to you that has these styles and answer any fit or fabric questions too. 


Aubergine... first story for Harvest

Aubergine story opens the 'Harvest' collection with shades of the soft purple colour we call 'thistle'. This is a great highlight for your blacks, but also works with charcoal and silver.

The story has printed silks and silk cottons throughout, with the grass patterns well suited to the 'Harvest' theme. Find these grass motifs in our new 'Cassava' dress style (see next blog story) as well as the panel belts.

An easy wear style, the panel belts can be worn simply over pants with a tee (as shown above). Check out the Sami pants and Eva tee on the Sustainable Fashion store.

While you're there, the complete 'Harvest' collection is now waiting for you to view in the current collection page.

- Enjoy